Resume tips – Gathering information

Resume tips – Gathering information

Before you start writing your resume (or CV), make yourself a nice cup of tea or coffee and sit down with a notepad and pen. To write a resume, you will need to know a lot about your past experience and jobs you have done.

Think for some time and write down facts and information about you such as:

  • education – e.g. college, bachelor, master etc.,
  • full time job – your position where you had a full time job or your current job,
  • part time jobs – any jobs or weekend help somebody else e.g. table service, gardening, babysitting etc.,
  • volunteer work – it might seem as not important, but your volunteer work shows your character and also that you help other people,
  • club/board membership – did you join any student club or board and did something there?,
  • training – any training you followed and learn/develop skills, also write down if you have a certificate or a paper to prove participation,
  • certificates – driving licences, languages, computer etc.
  • honours and awards – they can be any you received during studies/training/job etc.
  • anything else that you could sell – is there anything else you did and could be valued by your future employer?

Try to write down as much as possible. With each item on list, make a note of the dates and also any tangible achievements or results e.g. managed a team of 10 people, increased sales by 15 %, got a monthly bonus for achieving this and that etc. Everybody likes facts and numbers, these can sell you the best.

When you are done with writing everything down, leave the notes for some time or a day and come back to it. Reading through your notes will give you more ideas what you could add to your CV. Keep the notes for further work.

Who said that writing a resume cannot be fun?

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