Resume – the marketing tool working for you

The resume  is used by employers and organisations as the first step getting you know and see if you could become the next employee or an intern. A person responsible for hiring process typically HR manager /manager/owner etc will screen resumes of the applicants.  Based on desired experience, skills, and knowledge, a selection of potential candidates will be made followed by interviews, a selection day, assessments etc.

The resume, however, should not be just a list of your education, past jobs, skills and knowledge. The document is the entrance ticket to the organisation, therefore, every applicant has to make careful considerations. Look at the resume as your selling point and marketing of yourself. Make the resume your marketing tool! Would you buy something that does not seem to be appearing to you?

Your marketing strategy needs to highlight your skills and talents specifically for the positions you are applying for. The document is in general short consisting a maximum of two A4 paper. Let’s be honest – nobody likes reading too long stories. The resume needs to be carefully tailored for each position. If you are looking for a marketing position, the resume highlighting your art skills would not land you the position for sure. The skills, experience, education etc. must be always relevant to the position.

Along the resume, the organisations often ask for a cover (also known motivation)letter. This letter is also a part of the marketing yourself as a prospective employee or an intern. In general, the cover letter introduces you and explain why you are the suitable and desired candidate.

Be always aware of the image and impression you give to the reader of your resume. You might never get the same chance again!

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