internships postings december 2016

News November December 2016

During the months November and December 2016 our focus was brought to providing more internship positions and grow our database.

New companies

The list of companies has grown immensely. We have posted new internship position from companies such as  ING, KPN, Catawicky, Tesla,, Nestle and many more.

The full list of companies can be found at Company list page.

Newsletter subscription

You can now subscribe to our newsletter. In 2017 we will work on newsletter so the applicants and companies stay informed about us, our activities and new hot positions.

Subscribing is possible at this page Newsletter.

The closing and summary – 2016

Our main work started in September 2016 and we are proud what we achieved in 4 months. We have managed to post over 1000 internship postings and increase the database of companies to 44. Next year we are going to work hard to increase the numbers and make the internship search easy for both candidates and companies.

internships postings december 2016

I hope you all had a wonderful year 2016! I wish you all the best in 2017!

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