Knowing what you want to do

It can be really challenging to know what we want to do in our lives. We grew up in an environment surrounded by other people that have a great influence on us and sometimes made choices for us e.g. parents deciding our education path. It is understandable that we need help and sometimes it is easier when decisions are made for us in the best belief and intention of the deciding one.

In a long term, is it really good for us?

You are young, adult or want to change your current job and confused about your future. There are so many options these days that we can get overwhelmed by the possibilities for our future career and job path.


Sit down, take your time and learn about yourself. You need a paper/notebook and a pen. Make four lists of following items:

1) Hobbies 

What do you do in your free time? Make a list of activities you currently do and you get joy and fun from e.g. taking pictures of nature, drawing, making own clothes.

2) Something interested for us/Passion

Think about something you always wanted to do or have a passion for e.g. healthy eating, sports, traveling etc.

3) Talents/Gifts

List your talents and gifts you have. You can hear about your talents from the teachers or trainers. Additionally, think about what your friends and family say about you e.g. You might be really organised or helping other people without even realising it. Don’t be afraid to ask people around what you are good at!

4) Conditions/Environment

Describe your conditions for your ideal job e.g. working in a team, home, online, alone, nice office, outside etc.

Putting it all together:

Make 4 columns with hobbies, interests, talents, and conditions. Look through them closely and circle the ones that interest you most. Read through all the circled items and see if you can find a way to combine all these to a job position.

An example: my hobby can be learning, an interest helping people, a talent listening to people and a condition could be working alone with clients. Based on these items I could be a psychologist, therapist or coach.

Try this exercise for yourself and see what could be your future job. You might be really surprised what you learn!

Find the job that would give you satisfaction, fulfilment and make you jump out of the bed every day!

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