The company BookYourstudy offers internship programs in Minsk for university students and graduates and also for professionals.

It is a great opportunity to add the international experience to your resume, develop professional and social competence skills, improve your Russian language, make new friends from all over the world and immerse yourself in Russian language and culture.

The internship positions are open year-round in Minsk. Internships can last from 6 weeks to12 weeks. All positions offered are unpaid for legal reasons. The candidates can apply to the desired position not later than 8 weeks prior to the arrival date.

The company BookYourStudy offers both full-time and part-time internships.

Part time internships

The interns are offered  to study at the intensive group courses (20 weekly lessons Monday-Friday) together with a part time internship of 20 working hours in the afternoons (usually starting at 3.00 PM).
Accommodation is not included and must be organized by the intern.

Full-time internship

This program intends the schedule with 40 net working hours per week in our team. It is a big chance to receive professional experience in the biggest private educational center on the territory of  Belarus. As an additional benefit, you will receive 4 private (individual) Russian lessons per week, 1 lesson is 45 minutes (more lessons on requests).

Full time internships are only offered to students fulfilling at the following requirements:

·         already completed a part-time internship of minimum 6 weeks with the BookYourStudy

·         demonstrating excellent recommendations in the field of the internship

·         having Russian language level the minimum A2

·          French/Spanish/Italian/German language skills will be a plus


The placement fee is 250 euro for all the enrollments.


Online Application


Motivation Letter

Language Requirement

Experience Requirement

Visa Requirement


Bloggereditorial assistant Internship

Our team gives you a unique opportunity to receive real-world experience  in blogging, SEO and social media

– Good writing skills, interest in Russian culture, history and society, strong  communication skills.

– Previous blogging or journalistic experience is preferred

– Creative, positive, motivated, kind and balanced individual

– Russian language level and usage: A2, communication with colleagues in Russian. Team meetings, tasks assignments and reporting done in English
– English, German or Italian language knowledge: proficient

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About BookYourStudy

The company BookYourStudy is a part of the group of companies "Leader" which successfully works in educational services market for more than 17 years in 27 cities of Belarus and in 2 cities of Russia. BookYourStudy is a platform for choosing and booking educational services allowing clients to book courses worldwide. One will be able to choose programs and to receive expert advice in the educational sphere. Our professional team will help to make the right decision and prepare your documents without any charges.

Accreditation/Membership. AREA, ICEF Agency,Schools and Agents, Uniagents.

Why BookYourStudy:
GOOD PRICE GUARANTEE. We offer our clients the same prices as schools offer as a variety of promotions and discounts on training;
LEADING SPECIALIST CONSULTATION. We consult clients both during the stage of selecting a program, and during the trip. We know about education abroad because we experienced almost all stages of education abroad from the first-hand

Our experts:
1. studied in the UK, the USA, Germany, Russia, China;
2. communicated with representatives of educational institutions in person at the meetings of ICEF, Alphe, FELTOM;
3. visited educational institutions on FAM Trips;
4. have over 10 years of experience in the sphere of education abroad;
5. sent approximately 1,000 students to study abroad.

SUPPORT DURING TRAINING. We are always available by phone, by e-mail. Studying in a foreign country often arises many questions related to the organization of educational process, life, leisure, life, traditions, adaptation, etc. Nevertheless, we help you to resolve any issues.
ONLINE 24/7 SUPPORT. You can call us on weekdays, on holidays, on weekends and even at night for any urgent issues. We understand that difficulties and problems during their studies can constantly occur and not only during working hours. You get a phone number that is available to you 24 hours per 7 days a week.