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How to find keywords for resume optimisation

Keywords spread over the resume are a crucial part of every resume. However, how to find them might look tricky, but it is not.

Where to find keywords for your resume

1. Using job descriptions

You can find keywords in a job description for the position you want to apply for. Companies and recruiters will specify what they want and expect from an ideal candidate. This can be a great source of keywords. The description usually contains a job title, required skills, education, experience etc. Use all of that for your benefit.

2. Based on a job position you have chosen

You might be already certain about your career and job positions you want to pursuit. Every job area has specific terminology and words e.g. if you want to be a digital marketer, you can find words such as social media, communicator, CRM, email marketing etc.

3. Use online job portals

Check large job websites containing job offers such as,  Glassdoor.comLinkedIn. You can search for similar positions and see what is mostly required from the candidates. The more you check, the better for you. As mentioned in the 2nd paragraph, you can search for e.g. a digital marketer and see which keywords are included in the job descriptions.

How to use the keywords

It is not recommended to incorporate a keywords section – similar to a summary section. It is much better to spread the keywords in each section of the resume.

The keywords can be included in:

  • career (resume) summary
  • education titles
  • professional experience
  • technical skills
  • soft skills
  • past job titles that are industry standards

Making use of the keywords is essential becoming a successful candidate and to be invited to an interview. Optimising your resume will lead to higher ranking and better prospects.

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