After restart era – News August 2016 was started to help young people to find internships and various positions anywhere in the world by their location. Everyone can easily see the positions on the map and search through by using filters.

In August 2016, our website was moved to a different web hosting provider. Unfortunately, our data – the database was lost. Let’s call it a restart! ūüôā It can be frustrating, but looking at this situation¬†with a positive outlook is more productive.

Our website got much faster thanks to the new hosting company. We can also have different accounts for emails, data analysis etc.  We still work on restoring some data, but most of it is already back.

Our Site Stats

  • ¬†358¬†Jobs Posted
  • ¬†0¬†Resumes
  • ¬†104¬†Jobs Filled
  • ¬†13¬†Companies
  • ¬†8¬†Members

We currently help these companies: Bloomberg,, NN Group, Novo Nordisk, Danone, DOW, Tesla, TomTom, eBay, Maersk, Heinz, Hiil and United Nations. Check the company list.

We also provide Resume | CV Checks. Get your feedback on yours here: Resume|CV Check.

Social media

We are on main social media. Facebook is used for main news, Twitter and Google+ is used daily for all posted positions on our website. LinkedIn will be used for all professionals who want to connect with us. Instagram was also created, but not much in use (yet). Choose the one you like and follow us to stay updated. See the channels in the right column of this page.

Our plans for next month

We want to become the largest database of internships and positions in the world. More companies will be published on the website. We are also working on CV/Resume templates to help starters in the job search world to have a good resume. A resume map of the candidates is also coming soon. Additionally, we will publish more articles full of tips and tricks on better resumes and job search.

Greetings to you all,

Oldrich Studynka


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